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Avenir Font

The geometric sans serif typeface family includes the Avenir font. Renowned typography designer Adrian Frutiger created it in 1987. Linotype Gmbh, a typeface foundry, released this font later in 1988.

Three weights of this typeface were made available. The Avenir font family has been expanded to include six weights, each including roman and oblique variations. Adrian Frutiger created a new typeface known as Avenir next font in 2004 after redesigning the Avenir font family.

The originality of the Avenir font family is the reason why many graphic designers want to utilize it in their work. It is available in numerous versions, including TTF, OTF, and zip formats.

For personal use only, the entire font family is offered for free. You ought to need to purchase the author’s license in order to utilize it for commercial purposes. By using the “Download Now” option below, you can obtain the free version of the software.

There are fourteen weights and styles in the Avenir font family, including regular, book, oblique, roman, medium, heavy, black, and condensed. Multiple languages are supported for each weight and style. This typeface can be combined with other sans serif typefaces, such as Helvetica Neue or Montserrat.

Font Details

  • Capgemini Engineering’s website made use of this font.
  • Wake Forest University began adopting this typeface as its official font in 2008.
  • Apple adopted this font for its Maps application.
  • Since early 2016, Snapchat has been utilizing this font.
  • Best Buy used “Avenir Next,” a modified version, in their advertisements and marketing materials.
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UPDATE May 5, 2024

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