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Bernados Bold Display Sans

The display sans serif typeface Bernados is bursting with personality! Its incredibly rich, bold strokes have a visually arresting presence, and the odd counter forms give it a whimsical touch.

Bernados has a distinct personality, but he keeps things simple and modern. This makes sure that even with a lot of playful fun, your designs remain current and appealing. Bernados is not merely a lovely face. Its outstanding intelligibility and versatility inspire creativity. Bernados is the perfect choice for any creative job that needs a little bit of brash, silly fun. Bernados is a celebration on a page, not simply a font! Allow your designs to grin and transmit happiness to your viewers.

A Synopsis of WHAT’s CONTAINED

Spanish Basic Characters 0–9, a–z, and A–Z Accent, diacritical mark, symbols, and punctuation
Styles: Regular and Italic
Three distinct font formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF
Encourage the use of many languages
Compatible with both PC and Mac
easy to install
Work on Microsoft Word and accessible in the Adobe Creative Suite (Ai, Ps, Id, etc.).
Encoded PUA Characters: completely used without the need for extra design software.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: The majority of software easily supports the regular fonts included in the package. You can use any software that is compatible with OpenType fonts to fully utilize the vast array of standard ligatures—custom joined letters—found in the script font.

Please open Adobe Illustrator – Type – Glyphs to produce all ligatures.

Kindly send me a message if you encounter any difficulties installing or utilizing this font.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into any problems or see anything we might have missed when utilizing this product. We appreciate your input very much since it allows us to improve and streamline our offerings. I’m grateful.

Font Details

  • Display Font
  • Sans Serif Font
  • Three Format OTF TTF WOFF
  • Rich Bold and Visually Striking Personality
  • Multilingual Support
  • Stylistic Alternate
  • Fun and Playful Look
  • Display Decorative Style Radiates Joy Designs
  • License: Commercial Use and Personal Use
  • Link for Commercial Use
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for Personal Use

Downloads: 207
UPDATE May 18, 2024

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