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Blonde Fraktur Font

The Gothic concept is freely interpreted in Cyrillic by Blonde Fraktur Font. Formally speaking, the font is neither Fraktur nor any other Gothic script, yet it gives the impression of Gothic script in text regardless of the language being used.

Alexandra Korolkova wrote Blonde Fraktur by hand using a quill, and Alexandra Pushkova prepared it digitally. The font comes with a number of swashed versions and replacements. It works well for taverns, beer ads, sausage ads, and other advertisements where Gothic script is frequently employed.

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Font Details

  • Name: Blonde Fraktur Font
  • Style: Blackletter Font
  • Format: TTF / Truetype Font
  • Link 1 for Commercial Use / Link 2 for Personal Use

Downloads: 72
UPDATE July 3, 2024

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