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Glasio Unique Modern Serif Font

Glasio Unique Modern Serif Font, For all branding and logo creations, this is a really sophisticated and elegant font. This style of serif font is ideal for all of your creative needs because it was made with elegance and luxury. This font has a ton of lovely and distinctive ligatures and other options. This kind of font is ideal for a wide range of applications, including branding initiatives, logo creation, social media postings, product packaging, labels, photography, wedding designs, product designs for invitations, stationery, and other expensive projects. degree of readability.

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Font Details

  • Name: Glasio Unique Modern Serif Font
  • Style: Serif Font
  • Tipe: Display Font
  • Format: OTF / Opentype Font
  • Link 1 for Commercial Use / Link 2 for Personal Use

Downloads: 90
UPDATE June 30, 2024

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