Serotiva Sans Serif


With its sleek and modern style, the Serotiva Sans Serif font is a great option for a variety of design projects. Its sleek design and absence of frills give it an aura of refinement and guarantee that the text is readable and looks professional.

This adaptable typeface is also available in various weights, which makes it an excellent option for a wide range of design tasks, from those requiring lengthy text blocks to those with a more visually-focused style. This font is a great alternative for designers who want flexibility and creativity in their work because it comes in many file formats, such as OTF, TTF, WOFF, and even offers a variable font option.


  • 2.9 MB in 1 File
  • Affordable and Versatile
  • 7 Weight with italic
  • Works on Mac and PC
  • Sans Serif Font Family
  • Variable Fonts

Categories: Premium Font, Sans Serif Fonts, Yukita Creative

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