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VVDS Fifties Font

The traditional geometric style of Fifties Font is combined with a hint of humanistic grotesque.

The font for the present with a nod to the past was the aim. Put another way, I attempted to bring the aesthetics of Modernism from the XX century back into the present day. You will receive 60 styles as a consequence, including Italic (Slanted). You can use Expanded Thin to make your typeface airy and graceful, Condensed Bold to make it snappy and expressive, or Expanded Bold Italic to make it lively and crisp. Without a doubt, you’ll figure out how to employ this family. Movie titles, magazine headers, infographics, theater posters, party flyers, retro t-shirts, and contemporary web services—the 1950s will look good everywhere. Either use a Variable Font or the finished styles.

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UPDATE May 25, 2024

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